The company, its visions and values

The company strives to offer high-quality products and services while always focusing on the needs of its customers. I have a vision in which, as a responsible provider, I establish the best possible solutions in my field and demonstrate my commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

My values reflect my convictions and are the basis for my actions. This includes integrity, passion, teamwork and continuous improvement. I believe in open communication, mutual support and the ability of each individual.

I work hard to put my vision and values into practice and I am proud to have a company that makes a positive contribution to its customers, employees and the community.

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Discover the story behind Smart Webcreator

I, Polichronis Kechagias, founded this company with the aim of providing my clients with first-class and user-friendly websites that strengthen online presence and promote business. As an enthusiastic IT expert & web designer, it was important to me to put together a team of talented and motivated people in the background who pursue the same goals.

I have earned an excellent reputation in the industry by providing exceptional customer service. My focus is always on my client and I am constantly working to meet their needs and help them improve their online presence.

Polichronis Kechagias

Founder & CEO

What sets Smart Webcreator apart

Values we live by

Vision and commitment

At Smart Webcreator, we act with a clear vision and commitment to the big picture. We are aware of why we are building our company and drive each other to achieve this vision.


Responsibility plays a crucial role in our work. We recognize the importance of every commitment and accept it with integrity and a sense of responsibility. We also encourage others to take responsibility. Through our responsibility and transfer, we show that we stand up for the greater whole and can trust each other.

Human with heart

Our company attaches great importance to the human side of cooperation. We know that a respectful and cordial relationship with our employees is the basis for successful cooperation. Our openness and authenticity in our relationships with employees and customers ensure that we can work successfully and with pleasure.


Respect is an important part of our corporate culture. We value and respect the opinions, beliefs and needs of our employees, customers and business partners equally. Everyone is treated with dignity and fairness, regardless of gender, age, nationality, religion or cultural background. Through our respect, we create a positive and productive working environment in which everyone feels seen and heard.

Professionalism and accuracy

Professionalism and precision are key aspects of our work. We attach great importance to thorough preparation and careful implementation of our projects. Every step we take is carried out with care and precision to ensure that we always achieve the best possible result. This is of the utmost importance to us, as it helps to gain the trust of our customers and business partners, as well as our reputation.

Perseverance and trust

We tackle challenges with perseverance and self-confidence. Our belief in ourselves and our abilities allows us to remain calm in difficult situations. We support and motivate each other to achieve success together and be part of a strong team.